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p is for polymath

pw/ is a regenerative practitioner, researcher, educator, architect, visual artist, art director, curator, coordinator, photographer and an entrepreneur

#polymath are characterised by a great curiosity that leads them to continuous learning and involvement in different areas

"Yet all experience is an arch where through gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades
forever and forever when I move"

alfred tennyson


phyllis wong is based in rotterdam, the netherlands


#climateemergencies #regeneration #designresearch #pietzwart
#wdka #systemchange #paradigmshift
#livingsystems #simbiosis #empathy #reciprocity #longtermthinking #mentalmodels #imaging #impersonation #reflective

academic journeys

2024 masters in arts and design
piet zwart institute, rotterdam university of applied sciences

2001 bachelor in architecture sciarc/southern california institute of architecture, ca, usa

pw/ is a certified regenerative practitioner from regenesis institute, nm, usa and a registered member of cbk center of visual arts rotterdam

professional collaboration

2024 Willem de Kooning Academy, Nieuwe Institute, Regenesis Institute, The Hague University of Applied Science, HKU University of the Arts 2023 Nieuwe Institute,
Willem de Kooning Academy

artistic cv

2023 exhibition: Cantiere Art District, Treviso, IT. awards: Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, IT.​ 2022 exhibition: KlimaatExpo, Museum de Fundatie, NL. exhibition: Arte Laguna Prize, Valdobbiadene, IT. awards: Dupho SO Awards Finalists, AMS, NL. mentorship: Nikon-NOOR Academy, Paris, FR. publication: Al-tiba 9 ORIGINAL, Barcelona, ES. ​2021 exhibition: Publieke Werken, Rotterdam, NL. symposium: Creative Tastebuds, Aarhus, DK. exhibition: Art Gemini Prize, London, UK. awards: Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, IT. exhibition: The Curator's Salon, London, UK.

design research

How can I, as a designer and researcher, design reformed mental models and methods for a Regenerative design learning module that closes the gap between human and non-human species? 

It may be dark here but I am not alone

​In this creative writing article, Mother Earth is cast as the protagonist and narrator who explores her multiple identities and voices her agencies and concerns in this era of climate emergencies.

BP-AMS05.MYCELIUM Fantasy Map.jpg


It is being spoken and preached in abundance, with grief and worries occupying the commotion. It is a narrative of disruption; a weary message told through veering winds, harsh rising seas and drastically alternating landscapes. A message of massive change that intensely adjusts the fragile balance of my natural, interconnected and versatile habitant. I am on the verge of despair and deep concern.

I am not only part of the scenery but also the most vital mix of components and multiple identities that make up our only home. The magnitude of how it has become disarray mixed with wicked problems is profoundly laborious to measure. This telling echoes in the muffled weeping of premature blossom that previously harmonised with the seasonal melody. Now it is challenged and faced by erratic patterns accompanied by the accelerating warming as the feverish symptom of uncontainable careless acts on my delicate health.  My withering lungs of assuring trees, ancient and new, struggle to sustain life. I am transformed into witnesses and victims, watching helplessly as fire and looting diminish my presence and simultaneously minimising the diverse ensemble of biodiversity that is part of me. 

"The well-being and flourishing of human and nonhuman Life on Earth have value in themselves. These values are independent of the usefulness of the non-human world for human purposes"

arne næss & george sessions

Lives are being threatened including those of the nonhuman* as it slowly empties in sight. It is together with the nonhuman that ‘of diversity and of symbiosis’ (Næss 2005) complete our living and deep ecological systems. I sigh with the same shifting winds, carrying tales of extreme recurring weather happenings, of hurricanes, droughts, and floods. These are my laments, my desperate cry for attention, my plea for the consequences of its actions to be

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