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Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Phyllis is a creative and multi-disciplinary leader who focuses on sustainability and regenerative driven subjects.  Trained as an architect and a former culinary entrepreneur, she currently leads art direction, designs and curates projects and events while focusing on environmental or food-affiliated topics. ​


Steered by the urge to manifest daily or social facts into a visual pleasure, she aims to translate crucial information and uninformed data into contemporary and witty creations.  She is inspired by nature, season, time and the core of the basics, there is always an influence of contrast, colours, texture and fun in her domain.  Phyllis continues to challenge herself and strive to bring about the marvel and vulnerability of our surroundings through her vision.

Phyllis is a registered member of CBK Rotterdam (Center of Visual Arts, Rotterdam).


For commission, collaborations, sales of work or queries about her Master Research, contact here.


2023 exhibition       Cantiere Art District, Treviso, IT

           awards           Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, IT

2022 exhibition       KlimaatExpo, Museum de Fundatie, NL

           exhibition       Arte Laguna Prize, Valdobbiadene, IT

           awards           Dupho SO Awards Finalists, AMS, NL 

           mentorship   Nikon-NOOR Academy, Paris, FR

           publication    Al-tiba 9 ORIGINAL, Barcelona, ES           

2021 exhibition       Publieke Werken, Rotterdam, NL

           symposium   Creative Tastebuds, Aarhus, DK

           exhibition       Art Gemini Prize, London, UK

           awards           Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, IT

           exhibition       The Curator's Salon, London, UK

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