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crimson play

2017 - 2018

The Crimson Play is a competition entry shortlisted by the Lexus Design Award 2018.


It is a stacking game in which collaboration among opponents is key to winning. Opponents work together to erect a sculpture without toppling over. A versatile and educational game good for all ages which promotes strategic thinking, interaction and cooperation. The concept of this game is inspired by the Tower of Babel,

where the coherent unity of mankind joint hands and mind to reach the almighty by building a momument together. 

prototype by steven dekker

The stacks consists of three types of material whose characteristics affects our environment. Stack A is made from environmentally conscious acrylic evolved from 100% recycled materials. This stack is partially highlighted with a code of crimson paint reflecting the pristine colour of saffron threads which is still today’s most laborious and expensive spice. Stack B is made from local hardwood treated unfinished to reflect its natural purity. Stack C is made from industrial-made synthetic plastic and is partially coated with neon colours reflecting its artificial characteristic.

Stacks with the highest points are Stack A with extended modules (stretching arms) which also benefit the opponents thus reflects the cooperative concept of the game. The more number and longer the arms, the higher the points. Stacks with the least points are Stack B then C with less extended or linear module that benefit less opponents.

Players start with a fixed number of stacks with different modules and a throw of dice each round. They could miss a turn, play single or double stacks or remove a stack from other players. An hourglass gives a time frame. At the end, the player who used the most collaborating and sustainable stacks hold the least points from their remaining stacks, wins.