food is essential. however, it is evident that our environment is suffering much to fulfil our appetite that is mainly steered by our economy and cultures.  to consume wisely as an individual is the best sustainable way to reduce impact the food industry has created. pw/ cater events to clients who shares the same beliefs. we prepare our menu consciously by selecting mainly locally produced resources.  this way opens up new learning experiences with direct contact from the producers. it is the ideal method to understand the characteristics and journey of any single element of ingredient before it arrives our kitchen. by doing so we naturally also create our dishes seasonally, savouring the resources that grow and flourish according to the right time of the year. we strive our best to select organically, prepare from scratch and finish off with a great sense of artistry. since our catering inception in 2011 our clientele has ranged from private individuals and families to offices, institutions and museums.

to share further, here is our list of independent local producers, who continue to help and support us through our service.  they are arzu foodbar, bio ann huis, bluebird, booji kaasmaker, de buytenhof, firma bijten, frankenfruit, groeneweg, jordy’s, kaapse brouwers, de kaashoeve, koek en pan, rechtstreex, schmidtzeevis, uit je eigen stad, urbanbakery, vermeyden delicateseen, de weilandwinkel etc.

zoho lunch
2015 --- 2018
r*ink at bird
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