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The King & I 2016


The King & I is a screen print exhibition put together by studio pw/ and a group of 4 Rotterdam based illustrators. The participants explored the theme of superior-and-minor and produced screen prints for a for-sales exhibition held on the Dutch's kings day in ZOHO.  The participants were from R'dam, Aylin Buyruk, David Paans, Jacopo Manelli, Levi Jacobs, Meggie, Michael van Kekem, Ming Sin Ho, Resuk, Inge Paeßens, Saskia Haex, Silvia Bolognesi, Soña Lee.  From Amsterdam, Frisco Blankevoort and Alles of Niets.  From Arnhem, Fernando Leon.  From Den Haag, Jochem van Aller and Idris van Heffen. and from Groningen, Eva Stalinski. This event was supported by ZOHOLab and funded by Gebiedcommissie Rotterdam Noord and the Municipal of Rotterdam.

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