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White Gold & Offspring 2015


Catch of A Nation 1 2015


Forgotten Reads & Fall as a Colour 2017


Spring of Salt 2015


Catch of A Nation 2 2015

17.3 Hibernating Abundance with Hares Sm

Hibernating Abundance - version Hares 2017

Old Masters Reinvented 2015 - 2017


'Old Masters Reinvented' is a series of staged photography inspired by still life paintings from the Dutch Old Masters initiated during the 16th century.  It is an assembly of work showcasing the rich abundance of Dutch produces and put together according to the season reflecting what nature is providing to this small but fertile country. The components of the series are all entirely locally sourced and found which convey the sustainable principle studio pw/ continues to manifest. The essence of the Old Masters touch is the obscure subtle light from one direction which harmonised the ensemble and also suggest the luring essence.  With her background as an architect, Phyllis Wong uses her spatial understanding, together with her culinary experience, hand-picked every single element and composed this stunning and overwhelming collection.


Art direction: Phyllis Wong
Photography: Hester Bankestijn

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