PW-TAC Blue-S.jpg

Take Away Couture - Blue, 2019-2020

"Take away couture” explores the comparison of the practice of single-use and up-cycling; the negative vs positive; unviable vs sustainability.  In this series, the single-use term is represented by take away food packaging associated with convenience food or highly processed unhealthy meals.  Other than being fundamentally practical, the packaging material used are low costs, mass-produced and usually render in colours of instant appeal.  


In representing up-cycling, fashion designer, Willemiek van Kuijlenborg collaborated with her innovative use of lampshades.  Van Kuijlenborg’s trademark of reusing frames of discarded lampshades are implemented to create contemporary and unique headdresses and accessories. Loosely inspired by the Dutch Zeelander traditional headwear, these handmade accessories invented new forms and allure, combined with an entire outfit to match.  To bind the idea of single-use and up-cycling, bold hues of black, blue, red and white (often used in packaging) gather the series into a fusion couture of bad food impressions vs sustainable high fashion.


Artwork Credits:

Art Direction & Concept: Phyllis Wong 

Primary fashion designer: Willemiek van Kuijlenborg

Secondary designers: Bernice Aalders (Blue), Marlies Dekkers (White), Nadine Stephan (Black)

Photography: Erikjan Koopmans 

Editing: Phyllis Wong

MUAH: Nadia Veenhof (Black)

MUAH: Charlotte van Beusekom (Blue, Red, White)

Model: Rosa Huizinga

PW-TAC Red-S.jpg

Take Away Couture - Red

PW-TAC White-S.jpg

Take Away Couture - White

PW-TAC Black-S.jpg

Take Away Couture - Black