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TG.1.1 Tempeh:Kukka XS.jpeg
TG.1.2 Floriane:Duck XS.jpeg
TG.1.3 Octupus:Mieke XS.jpeg

1|1 Tempeh

TG.2.1 DeJong:Amaryllis XS.jpeg

2|1 Amaryllis

1|2 Roast Duck

TG.2.2 Drumstick:Orchids XS.jpeg

2|2 Orchid

1|3 Octopus

TG.2.3 DeJong:Anthurium XS.jpeg

3|3 Anthurium

'The Greenhouse 1|2 Roast Duck' was chosen by Publieke Werken Rotterdam for their annual outdoor exhibition.  Along with 670 other selected works, this artwork graced selected street billboards in the city and the 1km long pedestrian path in the Maas Tunnel between 1st July to 1st August 2021.


The Greenhouse 2021


The Greenhouse is a double triptych showcasing the construction of a new terrain. The components and essence of this pursuit lie in not just merging keen eyes and competent skills but also one's inexhaustible open mind. This approach flaunts with the notion of playful patterns, multiplied dimensions and a compulsory wit, resulting in refreshing examples of eccentric spatial visuals that speak more than it is revealing. Ultimately a highly satisfying endeavour, this series is a collaboration with the versatile artist Pim Top, and a result of both of our evolving visions.


As usual, this project spearheads the principle of supporting local entrepreneurs to advocate sustainability as much as possible. The location, Stadskwekerij De Kas, is a self-sustained community greenhouse in Blijdorp ran by a small team of dedicated green thinkers. 


All edible showcases are from local HORECA establishments namely, Bistro Op Het DakRestaurant De Jong and Restaurant Tai Wu.

Finally, thanks to the Rotterdam based artists and designers who unconditionally supply their creation to make this project possible. They are, Mieke CuppenFloriane DuluriebLaura Luchtman|KUKKA and Laura Schurink. Other accompanying stunners are from Raket & Distels and NICHE flowershop.


Artwork Credits:

Art Direction & Concept: Phyllis Wong 

Photography & Finesse: Pim Top

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